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site order-web design tariff | WebOne

if the costs for specific design are not suitable for you, so click here for viewing the list of pre-designed website's price with the same quality and features but with lower price. remember that these websites are completely programmed by webone. so they can be supportable and developed and just because they are sold public and are not private and specific, their prices are lower than the sepecific ones.

automatic selection of features from the table for the following sites
coporate website
shopping website
news website
select feature description type

web design is completely manual in webone and no ready tools is used*
* the new version of webone's control panel is able to become updated automatically. so, by optimizing and using new technologies in the projects, your project also will be updated automatically and without any costs. this feature has a big effect on your website's development, in fact there is no need to re-design the website for making it syncronized with new technologies.
* webone does not use shared servers for hosting, all the servers in webone are private and they are equipped with latest hardware and softwares. it should be mentioned that web hosting services in webone is only dedicated to web design applicants so the servers will perform better and there will be no fluctuations in website's load speed.

host (colocation)

webone's offer for hosting your website is to use our private servers. concerning this service provided by webone, in order to prevent being dependent to hosting companies and shared servers and also extra costs and to guaranty your website's quality and security, website's hosting with 50 gigabyte space on  our powerful servers is given to customers as a gift.
some of the servers' specifics :
xeon 2620 v3 intel cpu
32gb ddr4 ecc king ston ram
evo850 samsung ssd as mirror
type of server : colocation (private)
for more information about server and host click on the link below
servers information


concerning this service provided by webone, a domain with desired suffix is given to customers as a gift in order to prevent being dependent to domain registration companies.
note : if you choose .co domain, concerning its high purchase price it wont be possible to provide it free and as a gift and you should pay the cost.



 if seo and its related subjects are done in site's source at the same time with its design, it will have a great effect on the quality of seo and its needed time to affect the search results. concerning that all the websites are designed manually in webone, so applying seo when designing is so simple and we don't get any extra cost for this. and this service is given to customers as a gift,as well. the most important points about seo are website's keywords, subjects of pages, the structure of page address, providing title and descriptions for pictures, their load speed, not having any error in code, the correct way of using pagination,etc.


if the competition is high for the keywords that you want to appear on the first page of google rankings 1 to 5 for them, we suggest you to select this module. at this point, three main words related to your services will be selected and the basic steps will be taken to achieve top rankings.
*if the competition is too high, these steps will not be enough alone and it's necessary to take some actions on these words periodically. in this case, based on the competition level and the competitors situation, each word's cost will be calculated and it should be paid periodically.
*in case of low competition, there is no need to select this module.

menus management

possibility to manage menus, inserting and categorizing menus without any limit with ability to be connected to desired pages

telegram robot

with this option, you will be able to share your website's news or articles automatically on your telegram channel by a robot that is created for you. this robot can also be developed for any other desired purpose and it will have extra cost depending on the action. the robot is programmed through webhook and its performance is momently without any disruption.

specific design for viewing products, services or projects sections

designing the managemant system and products/projects view with all the details depending on your type of work

ability to compare products

ability to compare similar products

ability to filter products based on the desired features

ability to filter products based on different features

pages management

ability to manage pages and add unlimited number of custom pages

email management

ability to define and manage multiple email accounts with unlimited space and connecting to different email services such as outlook

banners management (slide show)

ability to manage banners with unlimited number of inserts and connecting to desired pages along with designing 2 banners

special section's management

ability to manage keywords and other meta tags of the website and also manage website's logo, default title of pages, footer and other specific sections of each website

file gallery's management

management of website's files with ability to upload desired files and using them in various sections

graphical view of customers or associate companies

ability to insert customers/associates logo and description graphically, notice that displaying place is determined in the graphical interface design step with the coordination of you and graphist.

 possiblity to leave feedback/comments about news, products or ...

users can leave comments on different sections along with management and approvement of comments before appearing on the website.

like or dislike ability

ability to like or dislike the different parts

necessary or optional fields management

management of mandatory or optional fields in different forms such as registration form


messages or notifications

ability to send messages to all users or specific users or on different pages of the website, with the ability to determine the location and type of display as a pop-up or header and viewing the archieve of sent or recieved messages.


possibility of publishing content in the form of xml. with this feature, you can share the content of your website's different parts with users without any needs to enter your website. for this purpose, users can connect to this module by through programs.

employees information and organizational chart

ability to display company's organizational structure on the website. in the most of cases it's not required because this option is necessary when the employer wants the employee's information to be designed specifically by the graphist. otherwise, if you have your chart's image, you can put it on a custom page on your website without having this option.

publishing advertisements on website

ability to display ads on the website, manage and determine the details and location by admin

site map

ability to insert html/xml sitemap and breadcrumbs. concerning the importance of this feature, it's recommended to select this option.

email and message bulletin

ability to manage groups and their members and sending them newsletters by email or sms

form generator

ability to generate forms with unlimited fields and to determine the type of fields, such as employment form

number of visits

ability to view the number of visits on a chart and to compare at different time periods. this module also determines unique visits for each page. it's also possible to view detailed information of the visitor, overall browser statistics, type of operating system and ...
*this module is dedicated to webone's control panel and prepared modules on the internet are not used, because in addition to dysfunctions in website's performance, these ready modules don't have accurate and complete statistics.


ability to offer tender with categorizing option

support by ticketing method (help desk)

ability to insert support tickets with various facilities and the response of website admins

order form

ability to define orders form registration according to your needs

contact us form this form allows users to submit their request or comments. optional
social networks

showing different social networks' addresses on the website

users management

ability to define unlimited user and their role and to define separate access levels for each user and also ability to define access groups and dedicating them to different roles or users

online payment port

online shopping on the website through all the cards.
*note: to define global payment gateways such as paypal, you should contact us for the price.

purchase and transport methods

ability to define purchase and delivery methods. the purchasement system designed by webone has the option to choose purchase/delivery method automatically based on the product definition.


shopping cart

advanced shopping cart with different options such as adding multiple products along with viewing the details and choosing the number of products based on the stock

list of favorites

list of favorites that can be viewed on the user panel. and also separate panel on the shop with the possibility of maintaining the information for future visits.

bank accounts management

ability to define different types of band accounts online or inserting deposit reciept

virtual account

ability to deposit desired amount and then using it for different purchasements without the need for connecting to the port at each purchase

orders and payments management

monitoring orders and payments with the possibility to change the situation and determine the delivery time if needed

automatic printing the order

with this app you do not need to enter your control panel and check the orders. by installing this application on your windows, new orders are printed automatically with complete information and become ready to be sent by the courier. this program is set to become activated automatically right after starting the system and in case of new order, it will alarm you. you can also change the order's status in the program and print it manually or automatically.
*the connection between this program and the website is through the web service and it's completely safe.

integration with accounting program and the storage

if beside the sales through the website, your products are also sold in other places and you have separate accounting and storage programs and it;s required to integrate the stock and the prices with the website, it can be accomplished in 2 ways:
1- web service: the best way is using the web service that will sync all your accounting and storage programs regularly. for this purpose, the accounting and stroage programs should be equiped with specific web services.
2- syncing through the excel file: in this method, the excel file is introduced to the webstie each time and the products are synced automatically.
*the price of this module is only for the second method and the cost of first method depends on the related web services documentation.

possiblity of applying discount

by selecting this option you will be able to apply discounts on your products in different modes. for example: discount on a specific product/category, discount on the orders with specific price, percentage/rials discounts, discounts in a specific time period, discounts based on discount codes

currencies management

ability to manage and define unlimited currencies to display prices and also the possibility of defining conversion rate and automatic calculation of prices

b2b system

if you want the others to show their products or services on your website, you can choose this option. a separate control panel will be dedicated to them and the items they inserted will be shown after your approval. and also you can define a fee for showing their products on your website.

ability to show different prices for special type of customers

with this option, you will be able to show different prices to special customers. for example, you can define an associate in the system and insert a different price for it, in this case when the associates enter the website and their user account they will see the special prices dedicated to them.


ability to insert unlimited news on the website and categorizing them


ability to insert unlimited articles on the website and categorizing them
*concerning the importance of content generating for higher ranks in search results, it's recommended to choose this option.


ability to insert unlimited albums and pictures in each album with animation


a specific page for frequently asked questions and their answers

calendar and events

gregorian/solar calendar with events


ability to submit and compare user comments about a topic that you determined. note that this type poll is different from the similar option on the above and each of them has their own application.

sms panels commercial panel with fixed sms tariff, with all facilities worth 1,900,000 rials, with a special discount for web design applicants. some of the facilities of webone sms panels are as follows:
- sending bulk sms for specific regions, guilds, genders and ages
- able to send sms with timing, sms secretary, code reader, corresponding sms, polls and contests
- sending text/excel files or registering numbers in the phone book and grouping
- latest mobile number banks in the country with a variety of separation options such as regional, district and postal code
- automatic connection to your website and sending text messages if needed. such as sending sms to the customer and website admins in case of purchase or order registration
 webone's sms panel and services website: sms panel
* webone's sms panel is the most powerful texting system in the country with the best services that the most prestigious brands in the country are its subscribers.

specific weblog that can be developed and edited

phone book

phone book with the ability to insert and manage contacts(if you choose sms panel, this option will not be necessary)

forums a specific forum design with full management capability optional
online support

online user support - live chat with visitors-an invitation to chat

internal search engine

advanced search in website's content based on the keywords

standardize user interface in old and side browsers

with this option the user interface will be standardized for different browsers and the older ones, these browsers include internet explorer versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 and the latest version of opera. without this option, the user interface will be standardize for all versions of firefox, chrome (all versions), microsoft age (all versions), all versions of safari and internet explorer version 11 and higher. note that unchecking this option does not mean that the user interface in ie8 will not be like it is in the latest version of the browser, in the most of cases, user interface will be complete even in older version of browsers and it depends on the technology that is used in your user interface. in case of choosing this module, you can contact the technical department and get help about it. phone number: 00982188528554

compressing codes for faster page load

with this option, graphical interface codes will be compressed and the size pages will be decreased. so, the pages will be loaded faster.

transferring the old website's page ranks to the new one

if you have a website at this time and it has been ranked in google, the old website's ranking should be transferred to the new one, otherwise your pages rankings will be disappeared. with this module, you can move each page individually and in case of too many pages, you can easily define a formula for transferring them. there is no need to identify the pages one by one, because this module lists the pages for you.

additional language
multi language website design . please note that the structure of all the websites is multilingual and in case of not ordering this option, only one language will be activated. optional
responsive user interface design
(responsive layout)

responsive user interface for different devices and screens with different sizes. for example mobile and tablet versions

specific graphical template (graphical appearance of the website)

in this case, the website's appearance is designed according to the type of your work. the appearance of all the sections in website will be designed with your coordination and the graphic's consultation. note that you'll be the only owner of the designed templates. if you want a responsive template, you should also choose the responsive user interface option from the table.


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