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Soren digital devices' online shop website design

Soren digital devices' shop with 10 years experience in selling products with suitable price

Soren online shop is active in the field of digital products' sales and after-sales services. As Soren products are imported from the country's west border, they have lower price. This shop with newest technologies and facilities has been designed for easy use (user friendly). Soren shop can ship the products to all parts of the country and calculate the costs for all the regions of cities.
Some of the website features :
  • Programming language : C# ASP.NET MVC, Razor view Engine
  • Specific design
  • Specific filtering for all products
  • Unlimited comparison of products in the same family
  • Particular version for mobile phones and tablets
  • Calculating separate shipment cost based on address and number
  • Defining product counting unity
  • Defining currency
  • Discount and credit account module
  • Viewing product in different colors
  • Ordering products in available colors and also guarantee and desired features
The agreement of Soren shop was signed in 2015. According to this agreement, Webone is the contractor of web design, site optimization (SEO), host, support and development for this website

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