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Soroush Baran commerce's website design

Soroush Baran commerce is active in the field of gardening tools import, production and sales

Some of the website's features :
  • Responsive
  • Automatic update
  • Specific template design
  • Order forms
  • Ability to view price differentially for subset distribution companies
  • Ability to categorize, showing gallery and automatic paging in product view section
  • Programming language : C# ASP.NET MVC, Razor view Engine
  • Host : A particular server in Iran which has significant features such as Intel XEON 2620 v3 CPU, Samsung evo850 SSD hard drive with 64 gigabyte King Ston DDR4 RAM
According to the concluded agreement, Webone is the contractor of web design, optimization (SEO), host and development of this website.

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