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Reza Attaran photography studio's website design

Reza Attaran, the famous actor of Iran's cinema, photography studio's website design

Reza Attaran

Reza attaran was born on May1968 in Mashhad. He got his diploma in Mashhad and came to Tehran for continuing his education in the field of Industrial Design at Tehran university. Although, he was interested in his major, he preferred  screenwriting, acting and directing. He started his main activity in this field in the theater with Hasan Hamed in 1981's. At that time, he acted in the roles which were not comic. This collboration continued untill 1992.
In 1994, he started playing comedy roles at TV by acting in "Saat-e Khosh" series directed by Mehran Modiri alongside other actors such as Reza Shafie Jam, Nasrollah Radesh, Arzhang Amirfazli and Nader Soleimani. In 1998, he acted in "Majid Delbandam" series with Majid Salehi and Yousef Teimoori in TV's child and youth group and in 2000, he acted in "Ghatar-e Abadi" series and also between 1976 and 2003, he acted in "Sib-e Khande" and "Aghaghia Alley" series. In 2004, he started making series such as "Khaneh be Doosh". After that he directed "Motaham Gorikht" series written by Saeid Aghakhani. In 2007, he made another series named "sweet and sour". He also directed another TV serries called "Bezangah" that Mr. Ahamd Rajabi, manager of Nakisa photography, acted in it.
During all these years, Mr. Attaran acted in many films such "Rival Wife", "Tigh-e Zang", "Horse is a decent animal", "bikhod-o bijahat", "A hat for rain", "The key", "Men addmitance forbidden".
Reza Attaran's photography studio signed its website's web design, optimization (SEO), host and development agreement with Webone in lately 2014.
Some of the Nakisa project's features :
  • Programming language : C# ASP.NET MVC, Razor view Engine
  • Host : Particular server in Germany with 50 gigabyte space that one of its significant features is Intel Core i7-4770Quadcore Haswell CPU
  • Designing picture album with the ability to categorize and filtering
  • User friendly and no need to page re-upload in most of the pages
  • Responsive
  • Automatic update

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