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Web Design Portfolio

Note, because the new majority of the websites, the content may still be fully Not completed by the employer or only having test content.

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Parand municipality's website design

Concerning that Parand municipality propagate its activities on its website, it required a website to do all the related matters on it without any problem. As Parand municipalit's old website had some security problems, they decided to change their website's contractor. After considering Webone, Parand municipality and its IT department, selected Webone as their website's new contractor

Behin Control Sanat company's website design

Behin Control company is active in the field of building,road and dam construction machinery. Some of Behin Control company's productions are batching planet, blacktop factory, concrete pumps, stone crusher and the other related machinery. Technology used in these machinery is mostly German

Artman Gostar Pasargad company's website design

Artman Artan Pasargad's wood group is the only group which has certificates in accordance with EU (Europian Union), international quality prize and quality control(ISO9001), product quality confirmation from Tehran university's wood and paper group and Shahid Rajai university's research unit and also 9 golden disc for product quality, 7 invention regitration and more than 20 appreciation in Iran wood industry. This website now is at the first ranks in google for the word wooden villa

Khorshid Ab Sazand development company' website design

Khorshid Ab Sazand development company (Sun Water) is active in the field of new ways of using drop irrigation systems, micro iriigation and also new energies

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